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almog talker Avataralmog talker
We closed all 3 rooms for a team fun day and the staff were professionals, we had great time and highly recommend this place! - 13/03/2022 
יעל שכן-טוב Avatarיעל שכן-טוב
Amazing maze we took The sting program. Such a brilliant and designed investigation ♥️ - 17/04/2023 
Evg G AvatarEvg G
Action! roomFrom my opinion one of the best rooms we have done.Professional and friendly team.Interesting challenges. - 01/05/2022 

VIP Events

Birthday celebration and graduation parties for children
Combined with escape rooms!


Will you be able to escape in 60 minutes??

You are invited to experience a formative and challenging experience that will take you into An amazing reality game of endless creativity and thought!

 The Maze A complex of escape rooms in Petah Tikva

We set ourselves a goal, to build our escape rooms in the most realistic way, while emphasizing decor, effects, original puzzles and an atmosphere that draws you deep into the game.
Our escape rooms will provide you with 60 minutes of such a real escape game, unlike anything you’ve ever known!
Our escape rooms were chosen as the best escape rooms in Israel and in the world!
We specialize inTeam building days וbirthdays For children and adults in our escape rooms.

Find clues and try to solve the puzzles

We will lock you up for 60 minutes

Book a room directly from the website

An escape room, or Escape Room as it is called in its foreign name, is a social reality game that combines improvisation and cooperation between the participants.
The players are locked in a room with puzzles, tasks and challenges and have to find the way out within 60 minutes.

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We are available for any question or inquiry, please note that we answer most questions in the Q&A area

Activity time:
All days of the week: 10:00 - 2:00

Ha-Rabash 6 Petah Tikva
(also called: Nevatim 6)