Game duration 60 min
Participants 16 - 4
Genre Team VS Team

Heist Battles escape room

A double escape room where you will split into two groups and compete with your friends!
A strategic action game where every move will affect the opposing team!

The Vatican Treasury Bank, the most guarded bank in the world, with the most sophisticated vaults in the world, is considered impossible to break into. But not for your team!
This plan has been in the planning for many years, and now nothing will stand between you and the biggest hit of your life.
But wait, who’s there? Another team of hackers? There’s no way they’ll overtake you, right?
Get ready for the craziest heist battle ever seen, will you be able to beat your friends?! Who will come out on top? Who will get the biggest loot?
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– Suitable for large groups
– For an English version, you must notify in advance
– Children under the age of 5 – are not allowed to enter

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Closed-in shoes are mandatory.
The game requires some crouching, You can ask to skip.

When ordering, you will be asked to pay an advance fee of NIS 100.
You can cancel up to 24 hours before the date without cancellation fees.
Full cancellation conditions in the company’s articles of association.


4 Participants - NIS 125 per person5-6 Participants - NIS 115 per person7+ Participants - NIS 100 per person


— 10% discount for soldiers in mandatory service —
— 10% discount for national service employees —